There are not only accountants, web designers, copywriters and developers in Face up. In their private life our colleagues are also internet users, people who go shopping, take care of their households, have children, to make it short – they live ordinary life.


We are curious - that's why we know more

We always see the products with the eyes of those who buy them. We enter the basis of shopping decision-making and remove barriers in the decision-making.
We try to know the market as much as we can, so that we can recommend you the most suitable strategy and communication.


Vision for every brand

Brand is your business assets. Its management can be intuitive and random. We will suggest strategic communication based on data and knowledge of key consumer groups.


Hard sell / Action Marketing

An image itself is not enough. When creating activation programmes, which we make as a turnkey projects for our customers, we study the consumers’ decision-making and suggest efficient mechanisms with direct impact on the amount of sales.  

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