Samson / Full service


The aim of our work for Samson brand was to boost it and make it more known within the younger target group. Our task was to introduce new fruit flavours and participate in increasing the Samson brand value. We were supposed to set the marketing strategy, manage the media communication and provide complete brand support.

What did we think up?

We launched campaigns on TV, OOH and our own media in gastronomic facilities and shopping centres. We prepared a series of events which took place on music festivals, outdoor swimming pools and other places where the target group was frequently present. We paid extra attention to on-trade shops by promotion and we also motivated business owners.

What did we think up?

Thanks to our accurately targeted ATL and BTL communication we achieved 7% rise in sales and improved browsing in the retail network. As for the perception of quality we moved Samson closer to the younger target group of beer drinkers. We enhanced sales in on-trade shops by 5-30% on average depending on the locality.